They’re as Aussie as red dirt or riding in the back of a ute with a kelpie.  Australian firearms manufacture has a new player.

Premium aftermarket rifle actions in Titanium and Chromoly, designed exclusively for long range accuracy and precision. Rival the competition with the added assurance of Aussie-made quality and aftermarket customer support.

Whether you’re after a bolt-in solution or a completely custom action (including your own serial number) and you’re serious about quality, the answer is MANAEL.

For more information, see official distributors Ignition Custom Engineering.

Premium Australian Made Actions

MANAEL’s actions deliver competition quality and laser-like accuracy.  Designed from the ground up by Australian gunsmiths, specific for long range shooting and competition shooting.

Currently available to suit short action 308 cartridge family (.308, 6.5CM, 243, 22-250, etc). Other cartridge size? Watch this space.

Each action is uniquely made in Adelaide and includes integrated recoil lug, custom MOA rails, premium grade bolt assembly components, upgraded side bolt release, M16 extractor and modular bolt handle.

The titanium models are ideal for hunters or sports shooters trying to keep weight down. The MANAEL titanium action weighs in at a little over 300 grams (that’s half the weight of a chromoly action).

Each MANAEL product is covered by lifetime warranty. Proud to be Australian. Proudly made in Australia.



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