Indestructible Australian Made Precision Rifle Gear

Complete confidence

Every shot

Complete confidence on the range or field is made easy with MANAEL.

Claim that competition or hunting trophy with peak performance armed with our premium Australian made rifle shooting products.

Every part is 100% Australian – from design to manufacture – at our specialist facility in Adelaide, South Australia. With rugged designs, extensive development and testing, you’re getting the best quality shooting gear, you can rely on for every shot.

Do it differently, do it better with MANAEL.

Australia’s Ultimate Precision Shooting Accessories

Demand excellence and choose MANAEL.

From hunting to precision rifle competition – choose Australia’s best chassis and muzzle brakes, Arca Swiss mounts & universal accessories.

100% Aussie Tough

Ready to take aim

All the know-how you need for complete success with your new MANAEL product

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