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Complete confidence on the range or field is made easy with MANAEL.

Claim that competition or hunting trophy with peak performance from our line up of premium Australian made shooting products.

Do it differently, do it better with MANAEL.

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Dive into the world of precision and innovation as we unveil the craftsmanship behind MANAEL’s top-notch rifle accessories.

MANAEL does things differently, and does it better. Explore the details that make MANAEL products stand out. Join us in the pursuit of unmatched performance and excellence in every shot for complete confidence on the range!

From MANAEL Barrel Tuners, Sedajo Chassis, Picatinny Optic Mount Rails, Muzzle Brakes, Arca Swiss clamps, rails and accessories, Weight Kits, Bloop Tubes and upgrades for Australian Lithgow, Oceania Precision, Taipan and Warwick rifles.

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MANAEL is as Aussie as red dirt and riding in the back of a ute with a work dog and a spotlight.

Our products are 100% Australian-made, at our specialist manufacturing workshop in Adelaide, using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship.

Australians do things differently. Our environment can be unforgiving. We were tired of expensive gear failing because it just didn’t stand up to shooting in Australian conditions.

So we created MANAEL.

We want Australian shooters to have complete confidence in their gear – whether its balancing on a barricade in PRS or NRL competition, or making that long-anticipated deer shot when long-range hunting. Reliability is critical and consistency is key.

Drawing on our decades of experience in manufacture and shooting, MANAEL combines with world-class precision machining with hands-on product development and extensive testing in real world conditions.

So you can be sure every MANAEL product stands up to whatever you can throw at it.

Keeping it in our own back yard

Every step of the journey happens here in Australia. From design and extensive testing, to production and delivery. Because no one knows what Aussies need better than Aussies.

Each product is 100% Australian-made, at our specialist workshop in South Australia, using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship. Backed up by our guarantee of quality and local aftermarket care.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your SCSA Taipan Rifle, Oceania Precision Rifle, Tikka, Lithgow, Howa or Remington rifle with the performance Sedajo Chassis, accuracy improving Barrel Tuner, recoil dampening Muzzle Brake, picatinny optic rails, Arca Swiss clamps and accessories (and more) – we have you covered.

When you choose MANAEL, you’re supporting local jobs and the growth of our firearms industry.

And investing in quality gear that will have your back, for years to come.

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MANAEL are specialists in product design and manufacture. We are at home on the machines making top quality components to give you confidence on the range.

For great customer service, we have developed partnerships with some of Australia’s great firearm and outdoor retail specialists.

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