MANAEL Arca Tac Plate 

Better quality. Better Stability. Better prices than imports.

Stability is the difference between a hit and a miss. If maximum stability is what you’re chasing, let MANAEL Arca Tac Plates do the work for you.

Tac plates spread the load and increase the surface area of your chassis. No more sliding off.

Pair the MANAEL Tac Plate up with a a quality shooting bag (like the matching TACTI-SAC set). The rifle nestles in, nice and snug, so you are free to focus on making the next shot with complete confidence and control.

Easy to use in competition or hunting

We like to make things easy. Forget fumbling around with tricky knobs or hard-to-reach levers.

MANAEL Tac Plates feature a ergonomic lever release that is super easy to grab, even in gloves.

Make it work for you; can switch the lever to lock-in forwards or backwards for left or right handed set-ups.

The clamp bites hard and true, so this plate won’t move until you tell it.

When you are ready to slide the plate (or drop it all together) – just throw the quick-release lever.

It doesn’t get easier than that. No fiddling around. Just quality gear you can rely on.

Sleeker, lower profile for better balance & less bulk

The MANAEL Arca Tac Plate has a profile of 17mm.

Keep your gear compact and close to the bore axis / lower centre of gravity.

Stop thinking about your gear. Just put that plate down and let it work for you.

Arca Swiss that works with most brands

The MANAEL Arca Tac Plate features an integrated arca swiss clamp. So its compatible with any standard RRS Arca Swiss rail or dovetail.

Because the clamp tension/size can be adjusted, the MANAEL Arca Tac Plate also works with Masterpiece Arms (MPA) chassis dovetails.

100% Aussie Tough
  • The MANAEL team has been manufacturing Arca Swiss gear for a long time. We test every design to prove it lives up to our promises. And every piece is quality tested coming off the production line. These plates can handle anything you throw at it.
  • Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials.
  • Finished in Black Oxide Nitride for durability
  • Plate dimensions: 180mm x 125 mm x 17mm (7″ x 4.9″ x .66″)
  • Plate weight: 330grams (11.6oz)
  • RRP: $292 AUD

See it in Action