MANAEL Arca Tower

Multi-purpose must-have for every shooter’s tool kit!

The MANAEL Arca Tower has an arca-swiss rail at the base and a clamp at the top.

So the MANAEL Arca Tower acts like an extension piece for your arca accessories.

It can be mounted in either direction, so you can attach just about anything arca swiss.

Boost height when using a tripod

The MANAEL Arca Tower gives you a height boost when mounting in a tripod. Use it for your rifle on PRS or NRL stages with awkward-heights, or to boost your MANAEL Tac Plate for a portable serving table.

MANAEL Arca Tower doubles as a foreend grip

MANAEL’s Arca Tower doubles as a hand-grip for the foreend of your chassis or stock.
Slide to the perfect position to create an ergonomic grip point.

Fine tune your chassis weight balance without tools

Find the perfect balance for every shooting position by sliding the MANAEL Arca Tower .

Rather than locking yourself into internal chassis weights or cumbersome external weights which require hardware, tools and removing the rifle, go for the easy option.

The MANAEL Arca Tower clamps on using arca-swiss and can quickly be slid along the arca rail foreend to move your foreend weight forwards or backwards.

Arca Swiss that works with most brands

The MANAEL Arca Tower includes an arca swiss rail at the base and clamp at the top. All are made to the RRS standard and tested for compatibility. So no matter what brand you can be confident it works with your arca swiss gear.

Because the clamp tension/size can be adjusted, the MANAEL Arca Tac Plate also works with Masterpiece Arms (MPA) chassis dovetails.

100% Aussie Tough
  • The MANAEL team has been manufacturing Arca Swiss gear for a long time. We test every design to prove it lives up to our promises. And every piece is quality tested coming off the production line. These plates can handle anything you throw at it.
  • Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials.
  • Dimensions:
  • 88mm H x 50mm D x 8mm W including knob 
  • 3.46″ H x 1.9″ x 3.14″ W including knob
  • Weight:
  • 360grams / 127oz
  • RRP: $195 AUD

See it in Action