MANAEL Bloop Tube

Introducing the MANAEL Bloop Tube: Elevate Your Rimfire Shooting Game

For competitive rimfire shooters seeking an edge in their training or competitions, the MANAEL Bloop Tube is the game-changing accessory you’ve been waiting for.

Discover how this innovative Australian-made tool can take your rimfire rifle setup to the next level.

Consistency Across Your Firearms

The MANAEL Bloop Tube bridges the gap between your centrefire and rimfire setups, ensuring a consistent shooting experience.

When mounted on your rimfire trainer rifle, the MANAEL Bloop Tube can mirror the feel of your longer, heavier centrefire precision rifle barrel. This helps you build muscle memory and seamlessly transition between your centrefire PRS rifle and rimfire trainer or NRL .22 rifle.

Enhanced Balance and Stability

Experience improved forward weight balance with the MANAEL Bloop Tube, boosting stability during shooting, especially in barricade positions.

This advantage is a game-changer for shooters with shorter barrels or extended chassis setups like the MDT ACC. You can now use these rifles in long chassis and still have your muzzle clear the foreend.

MANAEL Bloop Tube with MANAEL Barrel Tuner on Bergara B14 & MDT ACC Chassis

Gain extra barrel length and the ability to install MANAEL Barrel Tuners for further performance enhancements.

Optimized Shot Timer Performance

For those using shot timers such as the CED 2000, the MANAEL Bloop Tube ensures more accurate shot detection.

Strategically positioned Shot Detection Holes along the tube’s body guarantee reliable shot detection while safeguarding your equipment, placed far from the muzzle.

Group Tightening and Accuracy Refinement

Designed with compatibility in mind, the MANAEL Bloop Tube pairs seamlessly with the MANAEL Barrel Tuner to tighten your shot groups and achieve consistent accuracy with your rimfire ammunition. Alternatively, consider an all-in-one Combo Bloop Tube + Barrel Tuner for added convenience.

Effortless DIY Installation

Mounting MANAEL Bloop Tubes is a breeze. Simply thread them onto your barrel’s muzzle, with various thread compatibility options available. Leveraging the Shot Detection Holes during installation ensures a secure fit, all without the need for specialized tools or gunsmith services.

Versatile fit for Bergara B14R and other rifles with matching muzzle threads

Precision Engineered: Originally Designed for Bergara B14R, the MANAEL Barrel Tunres are now universally compatible with matching muzzle thread rifles.

As long as your rifle matches the thread pattern listed below, you can rock the MANAEL Barrel Tuner and enjoy the performance benefits.

Incorporating the MANAEL Bloop Tube into your rimfire rifle setup is a surefire way to gain a competitive advantage.

Its versatility, shot timer compatibility, and user-friendly installation make it an invaluable addition for dedicated shooters.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your rimfire shooting experience with the exceptional MANAEL Bloop Tube. Order yours today from one of our dealers and witness a new level of precision shooting performance.

100% Aussie Durability
  • Aussie toughness & quality to tackle any conditions are paramount to MANAEL.
  • Each MANAEL product, including the Bloop Tube, is precision-machined in South Australia from premium materials.
  • By choosing MANAEL, you not only acquire top-tier accessories but also support local jobs and contribute to the precision shooting sport, as MANAEL sponsors the Precision Rifle Series Australia and Precision Rimfire Australia NRL series.

Length 130mm

Outer diameter: 24.5mm body (30mm at external tuner thread)

Weight: 349 grams

Muzzle thread size options: 1/2×28

  • RRP: $130 AUD

Order your MANAEL Bloop Tube today from one of our dealers and witness a new level of precision shooting performance.

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