MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tube

Upgrade your rimfire rifle setup with the MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tube; a game-changer designed for precision hunters.

Ultralite Design for the discerning hunter: The Ultralite Bloop Tube is a featherweight version of the MANAEL Bloop Tube, perfect for those using slim barrels and seeking a sleek and light setup.

The MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tube is a vented tube that attaches to the muzzle end of your .22 rimfire rifle barrel.

The MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tube has a universal design to fit on any .22 rifle with a matching muzzle thread size.

Group-Tightening performance with a MANAEL Barrel Tuner:

Easily install MANAEL Barrel Tuners on short barrel/long chassis configurations without adding unnecessary weight, enhancing your rifle’s accuracy.

The MANAAEL Ultralite Bloop Tubes are designed to be compatible with the MANAEL Barrel Tuners (Small).

Key Features:

  • Peak performance: Combine the Ultralite Bloop Tube with a MANAEL Barrel Tuner to fune-tune barrel harmonics and get maximum accuracy from your ammunition.
  • Better shot detection: precision shot detection for shot timers like the CED2000, thanks to Shot Detection Holes
  • Shot Timer Compatibility: Ensure precise shot detection with strategically placed Shot Detection Holes, all while safeguarding your equipment from damage.
  • Easy Installation: With DIY enthusiasts in mind, MANAEL ensures a hassle-free installation process. Simply screw the MANAEL Bloop Tube onto your barrel’s muzzle, and you’re ready to go—no need for specialist tools or gunsmiths.
  • Leverage Points: The Tube Shot Detection Holes also serve as leverage points for installation. Use an Allen key or screwdriver through these holes to achieve a secure fit on your muzzle thread.
  • Australian Tough: MANAEL takes pride in producing durable products. The Ultralite Bloop Tube is billet machined in South Australia from premium materials, ensuring it can withstand rigorous use.
  • Support Local and Your Sport: By choosing MANAEL, you’re supporting local jobs, as their products are 100% Australian designed, made, and owned. MANAEL sponsors e Precision Rifle Series Australia and Precision Rimfire Australia NRL series, showing a commitment to your sport.

Match your rifle muzzle thread to the the thread pattern listed below and you can enjoy tge benefits of the MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tube.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your rimfire shooting experience for varmint hunting with the MANAEL Bloop Tube. Order yours today from one of our dealers.

100% Aussie Durability
  • Aussie toughness & quality to tackle any conditions are paramount to MANAEL.
  • Each MANAEL product, including the Bloop Tube, is precision-machined in South Australia from premium materials.
  • By choosing MANAEL, you not only acquire top-tier accessories but also support local jobs and contribute to the precision shooting sport, as MANAEL sponsors the Precision Rifle Series Australia and Precision Rimfire Australia NRL series.
  • Muzzle thread size options: 1/2×20

  • RRP: $130 AUD

Order your MANAEL Bloop Tube today from one of our dealers and witness a new level of precision shooting performance.

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