Working together makes us all stronger

We are very very proud to support some of Australia’s best brands too deliver premium accessories and product development.

Shout out to some of our industry BFFs: Southern Cross Small Arms | Oceania Precision | Lithgow Arms Australia | Warwick Arms Australia | Swan Barrels | Tacti-Sac | Wedgetail Industries | Ignition Custom Engineering

We believe in supporting Australian jobs and providing great quality gear you can confidently invest, that will have your back, for years to come.

Making Australian Firearms Manufacture Great

Supporting our industry

We work closely with other leading Australian manufacturers including Southern Cross Small Arms, Oceania Precision, Lithgow Arms Australia, Warwick Arms Australia, Swan Barrels, Tacti-Sac & Ignition Custom Engineering to bring Australian shooters more options.

Thanks to our line up of Australian-made gear, Australian’s great firearm brands now boast a broad selection great aftermarket accessory support from MANAEL, including rifle chassis stocks, muzzle brakes, arca swiss and picatinny attachments, FABA kits and replacement/upgraded components.

Stronger together

We are so grateful for the strong two-way working relationships we have with our Australian industry partners. It leads to better product integration and reduced development cycles to deliver top tier, refined products to the Australian market.

Partner With Us

We love teamwork. For partnership and teaming enquiries please reach out through our contact us page.