Why do we manufacture rifle gear in Australia?

Living and working in Australia is the best in the world: its a sunburnt land of extremes, crazy poisonous critters, and a wry sense of humor.

But what sets it apart as the prime location for creating the finest precision firearm accessories?

This is why we proudly choose Australia and Australian-made products.

Nothing beats Made in Australia

  • We choose to align ourselves with the Australia Made Campaign. All our products are proudly 100% Australian made. We’re proud to manufacture here!

Making Australian Firearms Industry Great

Australian Ingenuity and Tenacity

  • Mixed with a bit of Aussie ingenuity and tenacity, access to premium raw materials – and some seriously smart and passionate people – we believe Australia offers beautiful opportunities for manufacturing greatness.

Why Manufacturing in Australia Rocks:

  • Lower Pricing: Forget about those pesky export fees and shipping hassles. Keeping it local means better prices for you.
  • Quality Control: From the best raw materials to hands-on production, we’re all about quality. No cutting corners here – just top-notch gear made to the standards we shooters demand.
  • Australian quality: Australia has outstanding quality control processes to ensure you get unbeatable quality and finish.
  • Ethical Production: With some of the best employment conditions in the world, ethical production is just how we roll down under.
  • Supporting Our Industry: We believe in strength in numbers. By partnering with existing manufacturers, we’re not only expanding product choices for Aussies but also boosting local businesses.
  • Aussie Tough: Conditions are rough & we’re hard on our gear. If its strong enough to withstand the Aussie treatment, it will survive anything, anywhere!
  • Aussie spirit, mate: We love collaborating with other Aussie manufacturers.

Why It Matters to You:

  • Supporting the Local Economy: Keep those dollars local, supporting families and jobs in your community, and maybe even scoring a sponsorship for your local club or sport.
  • Keeping Jobs in Australia: Use it or lose it, mate. We’re all about keeping those manufacturing jobs alive here, preserving talent and opportunities for future generations.
  • Training the Next Generation: Precision machining and firearms development is an art form worth preserving, and we’re committed to passing on that knowledge to the next generation.

So, why do we manufacture rifle gear in Australia? Because, mate, why would we manufacture anywhere else?