One shot to make it count

Australian shooters deserve complete confidence in their gear. Whether its balancing on a barricade in PRS, PRA or NRL competition, or making that long-anticipated deer shot when long-range hunting.

You get one shot to make it count. Reliability is critical and consistency is key.

As shooters too, we demand gear that lives up to this challenge.

Drawing on our decades of experience in manufacture and shooting, MANAEL combines with world-class precision machining with hands-on product development and extensive testing in real world conditions.

Its proven rugged and reliable, or it doesn’t go to market.

So you can be sure every MANAEL product stands up to whatever you can throw at it.

Whether its elite hunting equipment or competition gear, the precision CB14, Hunter or Sedajo Chassis Systems, recoil-taming muzzle brakes, group tightening barrel tuners or Aussie Tough Arca Swiss gear, we have you covered.

Demand the best for your favorite Oceania Precision, Taipan X, Warwick, Wedgetail or Lithgow, Tikka, Vudoo, Bergara, Howa 1500 or Remington rifle and partner with us.

Because MANAEL arms every Australian shooter with complete confidence for any shooting adventure.