MANAEL Tunable Brake System – using our Barrel Tuner & Muzzle Brake

We get it. New product, lots of questions. Find all the answers about running a MANAEL Barrel Tuner & Muzzle Brake Combo in this quick FAQ. You’ll be an expert in no time!

MANAEL brakes and tuners are designed tough with sleek, sexy lines to tame recoil and tighten groups.

Our Muzzle Brakes are designed for maximum recoil management. Our Barrel Tuners help tune your barrel & loads to tighten groups and consistency of spread.

You can run each component separately, or together.

Together, they form a MANAEL Tunable Brake – this is a winning combination if you’re chasing performance and confidence in every shot.

What is a MANAEL Tunable Brake System?

the MANAEL Tunable Brake System is a fancy way of saying a Muzzle Brake and a Barrel Tuner combination.

MANAEL Muzzle Brakes & Barrel Tuners are designed as compatible separate items. They can be run together to create a customised system that manages recoil and helps manage group sizes.

How do I get best results with a MANAEL Barrel Tuner & Muzzle Brake?

Best results are always found when you have a set up that factors in your rifle configuration, shooting style and what you want to achieve.

  1. Choose the best Muzzle Brake for your rifle and shooting style (we have a guide to help decide which muzzle brake is best).
  2. Select the Barrel Tuner that best suits your barrel measurement
  3. Once you install the Tuner and Brake, follow the Barrel Tuner tuning process

View our installation guides here

Is it an all-in-one unit?

No. That’s the beauty of the MANAEL system…we won’t lock you into a proprietary system, dictate your rifle set-up, or who you can play with.

We’ve been very intentional in this design.

MANAEL Muzzle Brakes and MANAEL Barrel Tuners are individual items to give you complete control:

  • You can run just the Muzzle Brake and experiment our unbeatable recoil management system.
  • You can try just the MANAEL Barrel Tuner and explore tuning your barrel & loads to see the change in your group sizes and consistency.
  • You can install both to create a tunable muzzle brake system.
  • You have complete control over the size and style of your tunable brake
  • You can swap between MANAEL Muzzle Brakes to suit your shooting style

This two-piece interchangeable design means you can customise the kit to suit your unique set up.

Swap between MANAEL Muzzle Brakes to suit your shooting style

  • MANAEL offer multiple muzzle brakes with unique properties, specialised for different purposes.
  • We have models for lightweight hunting, long range precision, Precision Rifle Series and barricade work and more (Which muzzle brake is best for me?)

Find the right Barrel Tuner to suit your unique rifle set up

  • Our tuners are offered in four body sizes.
  • You have the choice in tuner diameter, size & weight to perfectly match your barrel profile and shooting style.
  • MANAEL Tuners also come in two materials / colour finishes (stainless and black) to create the look you want.

Most of our dealers sell our Muzzle Brakes and Barrel Tuners as independent items, so you have complete control over which components you want to run or can build up a tunable brake in stages.

Can I use my own muzzle brake with a MANAEL Barrel Tuner system?

Yes! We play well with others! And we never want to limit your choices.

You shoot best when you do you. This is another reason behind the two-piece tunable brake design and MANAEL Barrel Tuner System.

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner is compatible with other brands too. So, if you already have a muzzle brake, you can run the MANAEL Barrel Tuner with it.

Can I use the MANAEL Muzzle Brakes without the Barrel Tuner?

Of course. Both all MANAEL Muzzle Brakes can be run without a barrel tuner.

If you use a MANAEL Muzzle Brake only, you will get excellent recoil management.

You won’t get the same ability to tune your group sizes without a Barrel Tuner, but we recognise not every rifle set up needs a barrel tuner. So with the MANAEL tunable brake system, you have control to decide what parts you want and what you don’t.

Which MANAEL Muzzle Brakes work with the Barrel Tuner to create a Tunable Brake System?

The beauty of the MANAEL system, is that all of our self-timing Muzzle Brakes are compatible with MANAEL Barrel Tuners. So you can choose any MANAEL Brake and turn it into a tunable brake system!

You have complete control, because the components can be installed separately and independantly.

Pick and match parts to create a custom tunable brake system that suits your rifle.

Here’s the current line up of options that can work together as a combined tuner brake