How do I tune my rifle using a MANAEL Barrel Tuner?

Important Precautions:

  • Safety First: Before installation, ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and verified as unloaded. Confirm that your firearm is in safe working condition.
  • Legal Compliance: You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations. Consult your local authorities before any modification.

Note: Instructions for installing the MANAEL Barrel Tuner can be found here

Preparing for the Tuning Process

  1. Read Instructions Twice: Familiarize yourself with the instructions by reading them thoroughly twice
  2. Prepare your targets: The MANAEL Barrel Tuner requires live-fire at a target where you can easily see your groups, such as paper targets, at a known distance.
    • Testing can be done at 100m or beyond, as long as you can reliably shoot on paper at that distance.
    • Inspect the target regularly, and be patient—it may take several rounds of testing at different settings to find the optimal position for your rifle and ammunition.
    • Use a consistent batch of ammunition/loads for the tuning/testing process.
    • Group sizes may change in “waves.” Be patient and work through the wave, going “past” the perfect tuning spot and back again. This may take multiple full rotations of the tuner body.

Tuning Guide for MANAEL Barrel Tuner

  1. Mark your home position:
    • This step is optional, but enables rapid, repeatable alignment. It provides a clean alignment mark for the tuner.
    • Place two strips of tape on your barrel lengthways, inline with the bullet travel, about 0.5mm to 1mm apart.
    • Paint between the tape with nail polish or a paint marker, wait to dry, then peel the tape off.
  2. Set Tuner in home position
    • Place MANAEL Barrel Tuner in the starting position with number “0” at the top center point (12 o’clock position) or inline with the painted mark.

  3. Identify optimum Barrel Tuner position:
    • When safe to do so, fire 2 or 3 rounds at an identified target and note the group size.
    • Rotate the tuner by one number (equivalent to 2 marked positions) and fire another two rounds at a new target, noting the group size.
    • Repeat this process, monitoring group sizes.
    • As you shoot at each tuner number/position, group sizes will start to change, eventually shrinking. This may take one or two complete tuner revolutions.
    • With each turn, the group size will continue to close up until a certain point. Then, groups may open up again, indicating you’ve moved past the optimum point.
    • Turn the tuner back to the previous position (where group sizes were tightest)—this is your optimum tuned position. Take note of the marked position on the tuner using the timing marks on the Tuner body.

  4. Set & Lock Tuner at Optimum Position
    • Once your MANAEL Barre Tuner is turned to the position which gives the tightest group sizes, it needs to be secured in position.
    • Lock the tuner into position by tightening the knurled ring lock nut. Do not turn the Tuner body. Turn the lock nut until it is pinch-tight to prevent it from loosening.

  1. Before removing the MANAEL Barrel Tuner
    • If you plan to remove the MANAEL Barrel Tuner, make a note of the numbered position before removal.
    • When reinstalling, start the tuning process from the previously numbered position to expedite finding that sweet spot.

Note: You will need to repeat the tuning process if you change ammunition or loads, or if the MANAEL Barrel Tuner is placed on a different rifle or barrel.