Measuring your rifle for a MANAEL Barrel Tuner

So you want a Barrel Tuner to tighten groups for your centrefire or rimfire rifle, but how do you know what size tuner you need?

Let us walk you through how to measure your rifle for a MANAEL Barrel Tuner.

There are two measurements to consider for the best fit; muzzle thread size & barrel diameter.

The barrel tuner needs to snug around your barrel, with enough clearance to slide over the muzzle and barrel without making contact.

How do I measure my rifle for a MANAEL Barrel Tuner?

  1. Determine your Muzzle Thread size

    If you don’t know the pitch (TPI) of your muzzle thread, measure the outside diameter of your muzzle thread (focus on the large thread).

Use this measurement to determine the MANAEL Barrel Tuner muzzle thread type for your rifle.

If the MANAEL Barrel Tuner thread hole is too large, the tuner may not sit straight and may make contact with the barrel inside the body. This will not result in optimum performance.

For best performance, the MANAEL Barrel Tuner hole should be as close to your rifle muzzle thread as possible with just enough room to slide over the muzzle thread.

MANAEL Tuner Thread TypeMuzzle Thread sizeMuzzle Thread Diameter
5/8 Thread type5/8×24 or any thread starting with 5/8x15.8mm
1/2″ Thread type1/2×20, 1/2×28 or any thread starting with 1/2x12.7mm

2. Determine your Barrel diameter

To ensure your MANAEL Barrel Tuner is a good size for your barrel:

  • Measure the barrel diameter just behind the muzzle thread
  • Measure again 5cm back from the muzzle thread.
  • Use the larger of these two measurements.

If you’re on the middle of two sizes, or unsure about the size, its better to go for a larger size (if the MANAEL Barrel Tuner is too small, it will not fit over the barrel or may make contact which will affect performance).

Using a larger size MANAEL Barrel Tuner may cause a larger gap between the barrel and tuner. This is perfectly fine and will not affect function – so long as the Tuner is balanced and not sitting on an angle or lop sided (which is usually caused by muzzle thread sizing).

Tuner SizeBarrel Diameter
Smallup to 21mm
Large21mm – 24.5mm
Extra Large24.5mm – 27mm
Super Extra Large27mm – 32mm