How do I install a MANAEL Bloop Tuner (Barrel Tuner & Bloop Tube)?

Important Precautions:

  • Safety First: Before installation, ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and verified as unloaded. Confirm that your firearm is in safe working condition.
  • Legal Compliance: You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations. Consult your local authorities before any modification.

Installation Guide for MANAEL Bloop Tube & Barrel Tuner (Bloop Tuner)


  • Read Instructions Twice: Familiarize yourself with the instructions by reading them thoroughly twice
  • Prepare all parts: You will need a MANAEL Bloop Tube and a compatible size MANAEL Barrel Tuner.

Note: Photos in this guide may display different models of the MANAEL Ultralite Bloop Tuner, including the Ultralite model. The installation process remains the same for all models.

Installing the MANAEL Bloop Tuner (Bloop Tube & Barrel Tuner)

  1. Disassemble the MANAEL Barrel Tuner
  • Unscrew the MANAEL Barrel Tuner’s internal thread cup, this will free Tuner components (tuner body, lock ring, and o-ring).
  • Take note of where the o-ring sits against the Tuner face
  • Set aside the o-ring, knurled lock ring and tuner body (which is the large weighted piece with the MANAEL logo and timing identifier marks).
  • Safely store the internal thread cup (and thread adaptor if required) for future use. These are not needed when using the MANAEL Tuner on a MANAEL Bloop Tube.
  • Some models of MANAEL Bloop Tube have a thread protector. This will need to be removed and set aside.

2. Attach MANAEL Barrel Tuner Weighted Body to MANAEL Bloop Tube

  • Slide the MANAEL Barrel Tuner Weighted Body onto the smaller end of the MANAEL Bloop Tube (the end without external threads).
  • Orient the flat edge towards the external thread (front end) of the Bloop Tube and the tapered edge towards the smaller part of the tube (back end).
  • Push the Tuner Weighted Body tuner to the front of the Bloop Tube, screwing it onto the thread, leaving about 10mm of threads exposed.

3. Place O-ring and Locknut

  • Put the o-ring over the MANAEL Bloop Tube external thread. Position the o-ring against the Tuner’s face (same position it was in when disassembling the Tuner).
  • Screw the Tuner Lockring onto the exposed thread of the Bloop Tube.

4. Install to Your Gun

  • Ensure the end with Tuner is furthest from the rifle muzzle.
  • Screw the tube end onto the rifle muzzle thread using the tube’s internal thread.

5. Final Checks

  • Perform necessary safety checks.
  • Your MANAEL Bloop Tuner (Bloop Tube + Barrel Tuner) is now installed & ready for the tuning process, allowing you to optimize your rifle’s performance effortlessly.

Continue reading to learn more about the Tuning Process for the MANAEL Barrel Tuner systems.