How to tune your rifle & tighten groups with a MANAEL Barrel Tuner

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner helps to tighten groups and create better consistency in your ammunition.

This is done through managing barrel harmonics and vibrations.

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner takes care of this for you – all you need to do is spend a few minutes setting it up correctly.

How do I tune my rifle using the MANAEL Barrel Tuner?

Before you begin:

The MANAEL Barrel Tuner requires live-fire at a target which you can easily see your groups on, such as a paper targets. The target needs to be at a known distance.
Testing can be done at 100m or beyond, providing you can reliably and confidently shoot on paper at that distance.
You will need to inspect the target regularly to monitor results. It may take several rounds of testing at different settings to find the position that works best with your rifle and ammunition.
Its best to use consistent ammunition/loads for the tuning/testing process.
Group sizes will often change in “waves” – growing larger and smaller, then larger and smaller again. Be patient and work through the wave. You may need to go “past” the perfect tuning spot and see it open up again to be sure it is the tightest group position.

Instructions testing the MANAEL Barrel Tuner / tuning your rifle

1. Set the MANAEL Barrel Tuner in the starting position.
Rotate it so number “0” is at the top Centre point (12 o’clock position).

2. Fire two rounds at an identified target and note the group size.

3. Rotate the tuner by one number (this is the equivalent of 2 marked positions; a number and a mid-way line).

4. Fire another two rounds at a new target and note the group size.

5. Repeat this process and monitor the group sizes.
As you are shooting at each tuner number/position, group sizes will start to change. There may be variation, eventually the group size will start to shrink.
This may take one or two complete revolutions of the tuner.

6. With each turn, the group size will continue to close up until a certain point.
Then, groups may open up again. This means you have found the optimum point and moved past it. 

7. Turn the tuner back to the previous position (where group sizes were at their tightest) and this is your optimum tuned position. Take note of the marked position on the tuner.

8. Lock the tuner into position by tightening the knurled ring lock nut (do not turn the tuner). Turn the nut until it is finger tight, so it won’t wriggle loose with vibrations.

Your barrel is now tuned.

9. If you plan to remove the MANAEL Barrel Tuner from the rifle, make a note of the numbered position before removal.
When you reinstall, you may need to repeat the tuning process again. However you can shortcut this by beginning the tuning process from the previously numbered position.

For example; the Tuner was performing optimally at number 4. When reinstalling, start the tuning process from number 4 (instead of 0) as you will be very close to the optimum position and will require less testing to find the sweet spot.

9. You may need to repeat this tuning process if you change ammunition or loads. Or if the MANAEL Barrel Tuner is placed on a different rifle.