How do I install a MANAEL Barrel Tuner on my rifle?

Let us walk you through how to install the MANAEL Barrel Tuner fits onto your rifle.

The install process takes seconds so you can spend more time at the range tightening groups.

How do I install the measure my rifle for a MANAEL Barrel Tuner?

  1. Ensure your firearm is unloaded/clear and in safe condition. Run a patch through your barrel and muzzle devices before and after installation. Consult reloading manuals for safe load data prior to use. You are responsible for complying with legislative regulations of your local jurisdiction.
  2. Remove your muzzle brake / thread protector
  3. Slide the MANAEL Barrel Tuner onto your barrel so the tapered end faces towards the receiver.
    Press it all the way down until the internal face of the tuner presses up against the face of the barrel and you can see the muzzle thread protruding through the tuner.
  4. Fit a muzzle brake or thread protector onto your rifle to lock the MANAEL Barrel Tuner in place.
  5. The MANAEL Barrel Tuner is now installed and ready to begin the tuning process.
  6. The MANAEL Barrel Tuner can be removed by reversing this process.