MANAEL Gen 2 Muzzle Brake


MANAEL have refined recoil management with the Gen 2 Muzzle Brake.  This self-timing DIY install brake offers the ultimate in on-range recoil management for precision and long range shooting. Sleek lines redirect energy & gasses to reduce felt recoil and muzzle flip. So you are free to focus on making the next shot with complete…


Stop wasting time with brakes that pretend to do the job.

MANAEL have refined recoil management to an art with the Gen 2 Muzzle Brake.

So you are free to focus on making the next shot with complete confidence and control.

Ultimate in on-range recoil management 

Keep your target in sight, ready for a follow up shot, with superior recoil management.

Sleek lines and port design keeps muzzle flip to a minimum. The MANAEL Gen 2 Self Timing Brake model vents recoil energy through five rear facing ports.

Through design and testing at national level competitions, MANAEL have found the perfect port angles to keep the rifle riding straight and clean while keeping blast away from the shooter.

Recoil “dead zone” drops to a minumum thanks to the fifth port and revised angle. We call this “Pulse Control”.

Meaning, when you take a shot, the rifle movement under recoil matches up with impact time so you can sight your impacts.

No gunsmiths needed

When it comes to creating a custom rifle, you need to have complete control. Thanks to MANAEL’s quick lock-ring design, you no longer need to visit the gunsmith to get the best recoil management.

  • Screw the MANAEL Gen 2 Brake onto your existing muzzle thread
  • Align the muzzle ports to sit just how you like them
  • Fix it into place by securing the lock ring
  • Hit the range and feel the difference

Compatible with the group-tightening MANAEL Barrel Tuners

100% Aussie Tough

  • The MANAEL Self Timing brake has been through endless testing to make sure it delivers on its promise and can handle anything you throw at it.
  • Billet machined in South Australia from premium materials.
  • Finished in Black Oxide Nitride for durability


  • MANAEL Gen 2 Self Timing Brake is compatible with centrefire and rimfire rifles in two calibre options.
  • Threads options: 5/8×24 TPI
  • Calibre options: up to 6.5mm (including 223, 243, 308, 6mm, 6.5 Creedmoor) & up to 30cal

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6.5 Cal & smaller, 30 cal & smaller

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