MANAEL Sedajo Chassis


Australia’ solution for Precision Long Range, Hunting & Competition Performance. Dominate the range at PRS, grab your tripod for a long-range deer shoot, or go prone for Extended Long Range target work. With complete customisation at your fingertips, the MANAEL Sedajo is for shooters who are serious about performance.


Australia’s solution for Long Range Competition, Hunting & Precision Rifle Performance

The Sedajo is the perfect crossover rifle from the line-up of MANAEL precision rifle chassis. Move between long range competition and hunting applications with the Sedajo Chassis’ smooth lines and perfect balance.

Light enough to handle, heavy enough to ride recoil. Designed with perfect balance whether you’re battling from a barricade, hunting from a tripod or shooting long range from a prone bipod position.

This is no entry-level chassis. Refined through two and a half years of Australian testing and development with professional & recreational shooters in real-world competition and hunting situations.

The Sedajo is packed with customisable solutions to create perfect balance and ergonomics that suit you, no matter what style of shooting.

Own the range with confidence with a MANAEL Sedajo and focus on what matters: Making impacts.


Winner of Precision Rifle Series Military Law Enforcement Division in 2022 and 2023

No two shooters are alike. So don’t shoot someone else’s set-up.

The MANAEL Sedajo chassis is easily customised to create your perfect set up, with stacks of options to suit whatever style of shooting you’re into this weekend.  Find perfect fit with:

  • Adjustable length of pull
  • Adjustable recoil pad cant/camber
  • Adjustable cheek height
  • Interchangeable grip (AR style, compatible with all leading brands)
  • Adjustable bag rider height
  • Adjustable Mag Latch
  • Adjustable weight using the MANAEL Internal & External Weight Systems
  • Additional customised upgrades including Thumb Chocks, Thumb Shelves, Arca Swiss Tower Grips

Whether you’re smashing into a steel barricade this weekend, balancing on a tank trap or lining up a long-range target or hunting shot, choose the Sedajo and make it uniquely yours.

MANAEL Sedajo is designed for better balance

Designed from the ground-up, the Sedajo was made with balance in mind. When you drop that rifle down (onto a tripod, barricade, bipod, bag or shooting rest) you want to know that rifle is going to float and leave you free to focus on shot placement.

MANAEL Sedajo is designed with front-to-rear weight distribution and a centrepoint that falls (barrel dependant) just in front of the mag well.

Plus with multiple internal and external weight options, you can tailor the balance to find your equilibrium.

Super stability was key in the design so we opted for a long, wide foreend with plenty of internal reinforcements for max rigidity.

Compatible with all the MANAEL mounting accessories you need including Bipod Clamps, Arca Swiss Tac Plates & Bags. Plus an integrated bag rider that’s adjustable height too.

Whatever position you get into, the MANAEL Sedajo is ready to adjust and back you up with a super reliable and stable platform.



Ready for your Rifle

Because the MANAEL Sedajo is made in Australia by actual shooters, the Sedajo is made for rifles Aussies actually use in when shooting, whether its hunting, varminting, ELR, long range, target shooting, PRS or PRA NRL22 competitions. 

Remington 700

Rem 700 clones such as Bergara, Stiller, Impact Precision, Vudoo

Tikka T3

Howa 1500

Lithgow La102/105


100% Australian born & bred

The MANAEL Sedajo is not only designed by our team, but 100% made in-house at our specialist South Australian workshop.

This means we can deliver to you the best quality and best aftermarket care.

Plus when you choose MANAEL, you are supporting local jobs & our firearms industry.


Why is the MANAEL Sedajo Chassis taking the long range shooting circuit by storm?

  • MANAEL Sedajo is designed for better balance and lots of customisations, so no matter what style of shooting, you can make it uniquely yours.
  • Tough as nails. Billet machined 6061-T6 aluminium at MANAEL’s Australian specialist manufacture facility
  • Better stability, superior strength and maximum rigidity thanks to integral foreend and body design.
  • Get more aggressive with a super stiff, extra-wide foreend for better grip and better barricade driving position.
  • Plenty of room for bipods and gear with one of the longest integrated arca rails on the market (410mm) and 9 M lok slots on each side and the bottom.
  • Super large barrel channel to accommodate heavy barrels including full size bull barrels (up to 1.25″)
  • Smash into barricades, rocks, bags and more with confidence using the integrated vertical barricade stop
  • Extra mag protection with extended mag barricade stop (no surprises or accidentally knocking the mag out!)
  • Mag change with ease thanks to the flared mag well and ambidextrous adjustable mag release
  • Leave the magazine in place when finding perfect feed height thanks to MANAEL Adjustable Mag Latch System
  • Fully remove the bolt from the rifle without having to remove the buttstock
  • Get better a grip in barricade work with the ergonomic “gooseneck” and swept lower buttstock angle
  • Tool-less fully adjustable rear end with ergonomic thumbwheels
  • Get comfortable with completely adjustable cheek height, lateral position, adjustable LOP and adjustable recoil pad cant/camber
  • Settle into a stable position thanks to adjustable height Bag rider
  • Stacks of MANAEL upgrades to make it your own, including thumb shelfs, enclosed foreend / barrel shroud, internal weights kit, Arca Swiss bipod clamps, Tac Plates & More
  • 100% Designed and made in Australia by manufacturers MANAEL



The Details

Every MANAEL Chassis is 100% made in-house, tested and Quality Control inspected by our Australian Team.

Rear / Butt stock 

  • Picatinny attachment. Fixed (non-folding). Included with chassis. NOTE: 2024 Model will feature additional rear stock mounting styles
  • Folding attachment / upgrades may be considered with enough demand (register interest)
  • Rapid thumbwheel adjustable
  • Limbsaver recoil pad
  • Adjust recoil pad cant, height and length
  • Length of pull adjustable 13.5-14.5″
  • Cheek height adjustable 40mm
  • Adjustable height bag rider
  • Flush cup for sling mount
  • Bolt can be removed from rifle without removing/adjusting buttstock

Hand Grip

  • AR 15-A2 type (Flat top)  Grip included with Chassis
  • Compatible with leading AR style grips including Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Enhanced Vertical Grip (EVG)


  • Integrated Arca Swiss rail (410mm / 16″)
  • Foreend internal reinforcement bridges
  • 9x Internal weight pockets (for MANAEL Chassis Weight System)
  • Mlok slots for accessory mounting (9 per side)
  • MANAEL Half-a-Swiss mounting system
  • Enclosed foreend upgrade available (includes additional Mlok slots)
  • Accommodates 1.25″ barrels
  • Integrated recoil lug inlets
  • Monolithic one-piece foreend & body for maximum rigidity & stability

Integrated Arca Swiss rail

Chassis Body & Mag Well

  • MANAEL Adjustable Mag Latch system. NOTE: 2024 Model includes new mag latch system which does not require removing mag to adjust (yes, you can leave the mag in place while finding perfect mag seating height).
  • Swept mag well
  • Flared mag entrance for easy mag insertion
  • Integrated vertical barricade stop / mag protection
  • Bolt can be removed from rifle without removing/adjusting buttstock

Compatible with the following AICS mags

  • Accurate Magazine AICS Short Action
  • Magpul AICS
  • American Rifle company (ARC) AICS
  • Accuracy International
  • Magazine not included with chassis

Surface / Colour

  • Chassis foreend, body & rear stock finished in Cerakote (Black, unless requested otherwise)

Weight Tuning Options

Can fit 9x MANAEL Internal Weights

Compatible with MANAEL Stackable External Chassis Weights



  • Overall length – 900mm (35.5″)
  • Body & Foreend length (excludes buttstock) 650mm (25.5″)
  • Barricade stop to foreend – 410mm (16″)
  • Integrated Arca Swiss Rail length – 410mm (16″)
  • M lok slots along foreend – 9 on left side, 9 on right side, 9 on bottom
  • Foreend external width – 60mm
  • Maximum barrel allowance – 1.25″
  • Length of pull (adjustable) – 13.5-14.5″ (extra length pins available soon for additional LOP)
  • Weight – 2140 grams (4.7lb) – internal & external weight tuning kits available




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Remington 700 Short Action, Tikka T3 Short Action, Howa 1500 Short Action, Lithgow LA102/105

Right / Left

Right Hand, Left Hand