MANAEL Chassis Enclosed Foreend Cover Rails


No matter where your shooting adventures take you, the MANAEL Chassis System’s Performance Enclosed Foreend Cover Rails offer unbeatable protection for your barrel and a secure accessory and optic mount point. Boasting a modular two-piece design, this versatile upgrade readies your MANAEL Chassis for peak performance and complete confidence on the range or in the…


Unbeatable barrel protection & accessory mounting, no matter where your shooting adventures take you.

Introducing the MANAEL Chassis System’s Performance Enclosed Foreend Cover Rails; a versatile upgrade designed to enhance your MANAEL Chassis setup for peak performance and complete confidence on the range.

Boasting a modular design, the MANAEL cover rails offer barrel protection, enhanced grip, and accessory mounting capabilities making it must-have on your Sedajo Chassis.

Crafted with precision through billet machining, it’s proudly 100% Australian made, guaranteeing to stand up to whatever you face in competition or hunting.

Don’t shoot someone else’s setup – design your own.

Completely Customisable, modular design: The MANAEL Sedajo Performance Enclosed Foreend is designed as a two-piece cover rail. You have the flexibility to run just the front half, the back rail, or both, depending on what your shooting adventure calls for.

Barrel Protection: Designed to prevent unwanted barrel flex or movement and protect the surface from damage in dynamic shooting situations or when driving into a barricade.

Enhanced Grip: The foreend provides an excellent grip point, which can be crucial for stability and control when shooting from different positions or using barricades. Drive it, hard with total confidence.

Accessory Mounting: Both foreend pieces come with M-lok slots that are machined to mil-spec standards. So you can easily attach your accessories, including optics, lights, lasers, and night vision devices.

Billet Machined: We make these units tough! Each foreend piece is designed for durability and billet machined using the best materials and quality craftsmanship. We know you will face tough conditions and need equipment that lives up to rigorous use.

Australian Made: The foreend is proudly 100% Australian made, so we can guarantee quality and reliability. You can trust that it will handle whatever challenges you face even in the toughest of conditions.

Complete Kit: The package includes both the front cover rail and the rear cover rail foreend sections, as well as the necessary hardware for secure attachment to the MANAEL Sedajo Chassis. This means you have everything you need for a hassle-free installation.

MANAEL Performance Enclosed Foreend Cover Rails are an essential upgrade to your Sedajo Chassis. Its modular design, accessory mounting options, and protective features make it a valuable addition to your shooting setup, while its Australian craftsmanship ensures reliability in the field.

Create your perfect rifle set up with MANAEL – then start making impacts with confidence!

Each MANAEL Performance Enclosed Foreend Cover Rail set includes 2 pieces (a front and rear cover) and fitting hardware.

Compatible with the MANAEL Sedajo Chassis.