How do I install the FABA Kit for Oceania Precision SP15 Rifles?

Installation Guide for FABA Kit – Oceania Precision Rifles

Important Precautions:

  • Safety First: Before installation, ensure your firearm is clear of all ammunition and verified as unloaded. Confirm that your firearm is in safe working condition.
  • Cleaning/Clear: Run a patch through your barrel and muzzle devices before use.
  • Load Data: Consult a reloading manual for correct and safe load data prior to use.
  • Legal Compliance: You are responsible for confirming and complying with your state or territory firearms laws and regulations. Consult your local authorities before any modification.

What’s in the FABA Kit for Oceania Precision SP25 Rifles?

Installation Steps:

1. Pre-Installation:

  • Read Instructions Twice: Familiarize yourself with the instructions by reading them thoroughly twice.
  • Remove factory charging handle: You will need to open the receiver before removal. f you need assistance, search online for videos showing take down procedures for Oceania Precision Rifle.

2. Remove factory charging handle

3. Fit Guide Strips:

  • Attach plastic strips to the foreend using provided M-lok hardware.
  • Caution: Do not overtighten screws to avoid swelling or splitting of guide strips.
  • Tighten screws to approximately “finger tight”
  • The screw tension prevents excessive movement but allow slight flexibility for smooth functionality of the grip.
  • Consider using a small dot of nail polish or Locktite on the screwsfor extra assurance against loosening over time.
  • Its best to do a complete test and ensure optimum placement of the guide rails before applying any Locktite etc. And allow the adhesive to set before use.

4. Fit Handle and Spigot/Link Bar:

  • Open the upper receiver
  • Fit handle and spigot into the BCG (Bolt Carrier Group).
  • Close the receiver after installation.

5. Fit Foreend:

  • Slide foreend grip onto guide strips
  • Ensure it moves smoothly
  • Ensure guide strips are in a location that remains covered during cycling for proper operation (part of the grip should make contact with the guide strips at all times)

6. Connect Link Bar to Foreend:

  • Attach the link bar to the foreend grip using the provided hardware.

7. Final Checks:

  • Ensure smooth cycling and correct function of your Oceania Precision rifle and FABA Kit.
  • Perform usual safety checks before operation.

Note: If you encounter any issues or uncertainties during installation, seek professional assistance. and follow all safety guidelines provided by Oceania Precision.